Why this Blog

It is my impression that most discussion on infrastructure in DevOps forums, conferences and books is from developers for developers. Little discussion is coming from people working on infrastructure. Before DevOps, developers were ignorant about infrastructure; they were considering it as a big black box with infinite capabilities. Infrastructure operations, on the other hand, did not have a good knowledge of how developers (want to) use the infrastructure and the services they are supporting.

Thinking that there is a gap, I decided to start this blog to discuss how infrastructure should be built in a modern IT environment supporting DevOps operations. This blog is by infrastructure people for infrastructure people (architects, designers and administrators alike). We need to transform infrastructure from “big black boxes” to structured systems, following well-defined principles, rules, and methods, if we are to support non-stop operations in a dynamic global, distributed, or cloud 24×7 environment.


This blog is nothing more than my thoughts, sometimes immature and unstructured. I tried to organize everything in a meaningful set, but that does not always work as intended. I urge readers to think for themselves, and I am looking forward to feedback.


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I am an IT architect with an experience of 25+ years. At this stage, I prefer to retain my anonymity. If you are interested in some personal information, you can check my user profile. If you want to contact me, please use the form below.

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