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Historical References to Technology

  • Ramon Llull (13th century) and Giordano Bruno (16th century) – Both spoke of “logical” and “memory” machines and the art of memory, amidst the darkness of the the middle ages.
  • Alan Turing – a paradigm for engineers: Instead of trying to solve a problem, he chose to build a machine which could solve this and many other problems.
  • Nikola Tesla – he presented the single most important paper of IEEE (in one paper he introduced the AC electricity, electricity production, transmission, induction motors, generators, all used today with small improvements). Like a man travelling back from the future, he showed that one single individual can advance technology in a leap which would otherwise take centuries to achieve.
  • Socrates, the “father of western philosophy” and of clear logical thinking. He taught that we must always ask ourselves about the truth, and he marked the beginning of a world where the human mind is more important than beauty or strength.

Of these 5 people, three were grotesquely executed (one stoned, one with fire, one with poison), one died alone exiled as crazy, and one committed suicide in his 40’s. Intrusive thinking (and speaking) is dangerous to your health.

  • The Antikythera Mechanism – it shows how arrogant we are over our technology. Nothing is new under the sun. As this blog is being written, new underwater archeological work is carried out to find missing parts of the mechanism.

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